Help, I am Being Harassed By a Collection Agency!

Unopened post

Question How do I get a collection company to stop contacting me? Answer You can send them some form of correspondence either in either an email, and/or in writing via the post, requesting they cease communication with you. The issue with this is that you then may no know what they are doing, meaning they […]

Why Did The Bank Require a Guarantor For My Loan?

loan application

Question My question is this, I applied for a loan to do some upgrades on my home. I do not own it, I am a tenant in a housing association property. The loan was for £3,000, to buy a new fridge, washer, carpets, do painting, and in general redo the house. The bank said I […]

Gambling and Being in Debt

blackjack hand

As Kenny Rogers once sang, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’emKnow when to fold ’em”. Another saying in gambling you always need to keep in mind is “the house always wins”. So why do people gamble? For some it is entertainment, it is fun to play some of the games. For others it […]

If I Go Bankrupt, What Are The Restrictions?

letters spelling bankrupt

Bankruptcy restrictions, or the rules you must follow if you go bankrupt, are few, but they can be how you say….restrictive. When you go bankrupt, or enter into bankruptcy, you are in essence saying I can no longer handle my finances and the debts I owe, and I need help. That help comes in the […]

Is Misrepresenting My Earnings For a Loan Considered Fraud?

masked fraudster

Over the years I have been asked this very question, in various ways, but the bottom line (no pun intended), has been: Can I Be Charged With Fraud If I Misrepresent My Income For a Loan? This question, as stated comes in many forms: I applied for a credit card and said I earn more […]

Being in Debt and Going to Prison


I have addressed these two main questions about being and debt and going to prison or jail in the past a few times. There seems to be two (2) different questions: Can I Go to Prison For Being in Debt? What Happens to My Debts If I Go to Prison? Two very different questions, and […]

6 Warning Signs of Impending Debt Problems

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A lot has happened in the past 18 months! We are having a pandemic, the economy has been virtually shut down, travel was very limited, and we could not spend time with family and friends. However, things are changing and getting back to the new normal. As we get out more and shops and stores […]