Should I Invest In Bitcoin?

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Question Hi Jon, I want to invest in Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency, but am unsure how to do this. I wonder if you have any advice? Babs Answer Hi Babs, Investing your money can be a tricky question, things like where to invest the money, and with whom, all need to be answered. The […]

Is Lawyer Solutions Group a Trustworthy Company?

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Question Is Lawyer Solutions Group a trustworthy company, and is it capable of assisting me in recovering my lost investments? This was first posted on the sister US web site: Is Lawyers Solutions Group Trustworthy to Recover Bitcoin?   Answer Chris, I know it seems you have been knocked about a bit, and wound up […]

Have You Ever Been Contacted or Took a Job And Been a Money Mule?

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I have written before about money laundering, but it seems there is one form of money laundering that is on the rise, using “money mules”. So what is a money mule you ask….I will explain. You are asked to open a bank account, or use your existing bank account, or open a cryptocurrency account, and […]

Guess Who Is The First Country to Accept Bitcoin As Currency…El Salvador!


As investments and currency goes, Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are risky, not regulated, and also not accepted in many places of the world or for purchases as currency. However, many use Bitcoin as an investment, a very risky investment. The higher the risk, the higher the possible rate of return on that investment. Cryptocurrencies, such […]

Let’s Launder Money!

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How many of you readers have watched Breaking Bad on the telly? So quick trivia question: What was Walter White’s biggest issue? ……what to do with all the money he made off an illegal product…. You need to launder the money, make it clean. And it was very interesting how he and his wife did […]