How Do I Tell My Bank I Do Not Want To Pay My Credit Card?

Question Hello, I am self employed, didn’t qualify for the covid grants and got kicked off universal credit after 10 months for daring to help my family in Portugal with their homestead for over a month. As a result I have a credit card debt that I do not want to pay back. How do […]

Have You Ever Been Bankrupt?

Question Jon, I foolishly went bankrupt 7 years ago due to running up a huge amount of credit card debt. My bankruptcy was discharged, and I have been good with credit ever since. I am applying for a mortgage to buy my first home and the application has a question asking have you ever been […]

When Will My Bankruptcy Be Removed From My Credit Report?

Question I went bankrupt back in 2015. It was a difficult decision to make, but I felt I had no other options. I owed tens of thousands to credit card, my business loans, and I also had a mortgage. I lost my home, but being out of debt was liberating. I felt like I could […]

Do Unpaid Debts In The US Affect My UK Credit Score?

Question Hi and thanks for this forum and way to get some answers. I am a British citizen who lived in the USA for many years. I recently moved back to the UK and am not earning the same income as I had in America. I had a few debts in America and can no […]

Does Catalogue Debt Affect My Credit?

Question I owe about £800 to 2 different catalogue companies, and I am not paying them. Will this hurt my credit score? Answer It will only lower your credit score if it is reported to the credit bureaus. Not all lenders or catalogue companies report to the credit bureaus. However, if you default on the […]

How Can I Get a Car Loan With Bad Credit?

Question I need a loan to buy a car as I have found a job, but the location for work is not on any bus routes, in addition the job is working unsocial hours. I don’t need an expensive car, just a reliable one to get to and from work. The problem is I have […]

Does a Payment Arrangement Affect My Credit Report?

Question I was put on furlough during the pandemic and then was called back, and then put on furlough again. While I was receiving some wages, it was not enough to pay all my bills as I was pretty much in some serious debt. I did phone and speak to my bank and those I […]

8 Tips to Improve Your Credit After Bankruptcy

You were bankrupt for 12 months, and now your bankruptcy has been discharged, you are now officially debt free, starting over, a fresh start. What next do you need to do. One thing to do is to take a look, if you have not already done this or know, what took you to the point […]

What is NOT on My Credit Report?

There are many things on our credit report, the accounts we have, how we have paid them, civil judgments against us, and all of of it has to be true; an accurate picture or portrayal of how we have paid our debts and obligations. But you may be surprised at what is not included in […]