How Accurate Are Credit Bureaus?

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When you enter into the credit world, you then begin to have a credit report, or credit history. This credit report is a data base of your comings and going credit wise, and how you pay your accounts. Your credit file and credit score, which is a given numerical score to provide lenders and banks […]

When Will Bankruptcy Be Off My Credit Report?

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Question Jon, I went bankrupt almost 10 years ago. It was due to just being young and silly and using credit cards. When will this bankruptcy be removed from my credit history? Answer Hi, Everything, including bankruptcy stays on your credit file for a period of six (6) years. So if you went bankrupt 10 […]

Have You Ever Been Bankrupt?

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Question Jon, I foolishly went bankrupt 7 years ago due to running up a huge amount of credit card debt. My bankruptcy was discharged, and I have been good with credit ever since. I am applying for a mortgage to buy my first home and the application has a question asking have you ever been […]

How Often Should I Check My Credit Report?

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A question we get asked on a regular basis is how often should I check my credit report? There is no correct answer as to how often, because it can vary among those who are credit active. Some advisors state to check your credit file annually, or once a year. However, if you are very […]

My Partner Took Out Loans in My Name What Can I Do?

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Question Hi, I have seen on your web site you have answered questions like mine before, but I want to see what your thoughts are. I lived with my partner for 10 years, he had and still has a bad gambling addiction. We are no longer together mostly due to his gambling. He would gamble […]

What is NOT on My Credit Report?

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There are many things on our credit report, the accounts we have, how we have paid them, civil judgments against us, and all of of it has to be true; an accurate picture or portrayal of how we have paid our debts and obligations. But you may be surprised at what is not included in […]

How Can I Improve My Credit Score?

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In today’s world, there are a few things that have changed, are changing even more, and we also need to stay more aware of. And one of those things is our credit scores. We should all know our credit score and monitor it on a regular basis. Why you may ask??? Credit files and credit […]