I Consolidated My Credit Cards And Are Still Using Them

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Question Jon, My brother stupidly took out a loan for a few thousand pounds to consolidate 2 credit cards he had maxed out. Now he has the loan to pay and he has been using the credit cards again, so they have balances and payments each month. He cannot afford to repay all these payments. […]

I Have Bills I Owe And Do Know What To Do?


Question Council tax debt Credit card debt Clean air zone debt Cannot afford to pay Amar Answer Amar, Your query is very cryptic indeed. Can you provide me more details, such as how much you owe for each of these debts? And are you in arrears with these accounts? Are you working? Is it a […]

I Cannot Pay Off My Credit Card

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Question Hi Jon, I took out a credit card a year ago and it had a credit limit of £500, of which I quickly used. The interest rate is almost 40%, and I cannot get the balance to come down. I can only afford the monthly payment so I am unsure what to do. Can […]

Warning: Credit and Debit Cards Maybe Declined As Of Today!

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First posted Monday March 14, 2022 If the title seems a bit alarming and harsh, it is meant to be, because it is true. There may be those credit and debit card users that have their cards declined beginning today, March 14, 2022. Why you may ask??? It is due to additional and increased security […]

I Need Advice On What To Do With My Credit Card Debt

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Question Jon, I owe a lot of money, over £15,000 and it is all on credit cards. I just kept taking card after card out and using them to their limit spending mostly online. I had deliveries almost everyday for a long time. My flat looks great, and I have more than I need, but […]

Do We Even Need Credit or Bank Cards?

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The quick answer is yes, for now, but soon the answer will be no. Recently the limit or amount you can spend on your bank or debit card via a contactless payment was raised from £45 to £100. Retailers like this, and many consumers/buyers do as well. It makes larger purchases easier, especially when doing […]

Have You Ever Had a Credit or Debit Card Declined At The Till?

Declined credit card

And What To Do If Your Card is Declined There you are at the till, the items you want to purchase being scanned and rung up, you go to pay and your card is declined, the payment does not go through, it is not authorised! Why did this happen? What can I do? Your card […]

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

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Is There a Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt? In asking the age old question, what is good debt and what is bad debt, one quick answer is, debt is debt. Period. However, there are some areas or forms of debt that may be considered better than others, One question to ask yourself in […]

What Are The Different Forms of Credit and Loans?

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If you looking into the world of credit and loans, you may be surprised at the different types of credit that can be extended to you, and that credit is extended in the form of a loan. However, there are many different types of loans. Loans Fall Into Two Different Categories In discussing the various […]