How Accurate Are Credit Bureaus?

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When you enter into the credit world, you then begin to have a credit report, or credit history. This credit report is a data base of your comings and going credit wise, and how you pay your accounts. Your credit file and credit score, which is a given numerical score to provide lenders and banks […]

Today in UK Debt – 12/05/2022


What is Quitter’s Remorse? Many of us have heard of “buyer’s remorse”, where you may a purchase and regret or change your mind later. But quitter’s remorse? This is where you leave a job, and then realise at the new job… is not all you thought it would be, or was promised it would be. […]

How Do I Get a Loan With Bad Credit?


I Have Bad Credit How Do I Get a Loan? This is a question I get asked many times over the years, and my answer or answers are still the same. There are ways to get a loan with bad or poor credit, more importantly a low credit score. But you first have to deal […]

What Is a Good Credit Score?

credit score

This is a question I get asked very often, and the answer, as many answers are, is vague at best, but the bottom line is, the higher your credit score the better. So how high is high? This is where it can be a bit vague as different credit bureaus use different scores, although all […]

Debt And Credit In a Digital Age

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Sometimes I cast my mind back, back to a time when if you needed a loan, you went to your local bank, spoke to the Bank Manager or Loan Officer, completed a loan application and waited. You waited for the loan committee to meet, usually on a Wednesday, and they approved your loan. In some […]

Does Catalogue Debt Affect My Credit?


Question I owe about £800 to 2 different catalogue companies, and I am not paying them. Will this hurt my credit score? Answer It will only lower your credit score if it is reported to the credit bureaus. Not all lenders or catalogue companies report to the credit bureaus. However, if you default on the […]

Credit Scores and Moving to Other Countries

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As hopefully soon the skies open up again, not only will many of us get our long waited holidays, but some will relocate and move to other countries. Even here in the UK we recruit people from other countries for various jobs, and certain careers. It is the same in those other countries as well. […]

What Is This “Blacklist” I Keep Hearing So Much About?

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Over the years I have heard the following so many times, I wish I had a £1 for each and every time. I am on the blacklist. I have been blacklisted. I have poor credit and was told I blacklisted. What is the blacklist? How can I remove my name from the bank’s blacklist? The […]