I Live In The USA And Coyle White Devine Are Threatening Me With a CCJ In The UK

US and UK flags

Question Lived and worked in the UAE and took out a UAE Bank Loan which I have not repaid approx 100KGBP defaulted June 2021…..I left the UAE August 2020. I was a UK resident not British Citizen (American Citizen) between August 2020 until Sept 2021. Coyle & Devine contacted me via email today representing UAE […]

Do I Still Owe a Debt If The Bank Merges With Another Bank?

Question Hi Jon, I left Abu Dhabi in 2015 with a 35,500aed debt with First Gulf bank. Since 2016 I have been paying a UK solicitor (regularly from 2018) but its like pulling teeth when I ask for a statement of payments. Also First Gulf bank emerge with Abu Dhabi bank in 2017, In February […]