Today in UK Debt: 17/6/2022

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Are Food Prices Going to Rise Even More? If you have seen or experienced it, food prices are creeping up. At first not a lot, but they are rising. As to if this will continue, depends on who you ask, and when you ask them. You may wish to read this here. Sir Mick Tests […]

I Am Thinking Of Going Bankrupt

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Question I am unsure if you can advise me as I think I know what my only option is. I am or was a property developer, and bought a piece of land about 4 years ago, and had the existing houses demolished. They were just shells at that point. I had the land cleared and […]

The World Has Slowed Down

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Due to the pandemic and Covid, and now this resurgence in a new variant of the virus, so many people are testing positive and also need to self-isolate. This slows down the world. More and more we have moved towards an automated customer service routine. You need to ring up a company and more and […]

Is My Bounce Back Loan Fraud?

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Question Hi I am very grateful for your website! I have a bounceback loan from Covid which is from my personal business account and also an overdraft on that same account and I would really like to try and write this debt off as I understand it is fraud. I understand the basics of the […]

More “Circuit Breaker” Lock Downs And a Cashless Society

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As I write this, there is a lot going on here in and on our island. The devolved nations have imposed additional restrictions due to new variants of Covid. The governments are ramping up testing and vaccines for everyone. PCR testing to travel to certain countries is on a much larger scale. More and more […]

I Am In Debt Due To Covid Tests And Quarantine

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Question Jon, I recently travelled to the USA and when trying to return the government changed the rules for quarantine and what Covid tests were required. It cost me a lot of money to get these tests and the results in time to be able to fly. In addition, I had to pay for a […]

A New Day And New Covid Travel Rules

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This could also be titled, A New Day And a New Covid Variant, as that is what it seems like. If I am to interpret the new government guidelines and rules, which go into effect on Tuesday the 30th, due to the new Omicron variant of Covid, face masks are now compulsory in shops and […]

It Is Time To Begin Paying For The Pandemic

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When the Covid Pandemic hit the world, we were not prepared, and we should have been. But it was unprecedented, and nothing like it on that scale had been around since 1918, so over 100 years ago. One major thing the governments were not prepared for, in addition to the loss of life, and strain […]

Will Going Bankrupt Affect Any Future Jobs?


Question Jon thanks for taking my question. My restaurant in London was forced to close due to the lock downs. There was no way we could the business going as we were a small company, just myself and my partner. We had 2 servers, and we just could not them on as there was no […]