Can I Just Stop Paying My Bills?

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Question What happen if I just decide to stop paying my bills, and just not pay anyone? Answer Hi, That is a good, but complex question. Things such as electricity and other essentials rent, could be very problematic. Such as having energy cut off, or being evicted. Debts or accounts, such as loans, credit cards, […]

Can a Bank Get a Charge Against My Home?

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Question Years ago I was foolish and did not repay a loan to my local bank. I just let it go, and the bank got a CCJ against me. Now they are contacting me as I have a property and are saying they are going to get a charge against my home. Can they do […]

Do I Still Owe a Debt From 2015?

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Question Hi Jon, I hope you can give me some advice on my debt problem. I defaulted on a loan years ago, back in 2015, and the bank did take me to court and got a CCJ. I never showed up in court and don’t know what happened after that as I have moved house […]

Can I Get a CCJ Removed?

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Question My debt has gone to a CCJ. Can you get rid of a CCJ, and if so how? Answer Hi, Yes you can “get rid” of a CCJ, but it depends on when the CCJ was issued. If you can pay the debt or CCJ, within 30 days, it will not be registered, and […]

I Owe Council Tax And Don’t Know What To Do?


Question Jon, I have read what you wrote about CCJ’s and also the courts enforcing the judgment. I owe Council Tax and have been in arrears for sometime now, and recently the Council sent me a court notice that they are seeking a judgment against me. I know this is serious, but I don’t know […]

A Charging Order Has Been Placed Against My Property, Help!

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Question Help! I received a CCJ and now I have been informed I have a charging order against my property. What can I do? Are they going to repossess my home? Karen Answer Karen, Charing Orders are serious, and a part of the enforcement process of having a CCJ/County Court Judgment. A couple of questions […]

What To Do If Bailiffs Come to Your Home

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If there is one word which can strike fear in the hearts of anyone struggling with their bills and finances….it is Bailiffs! If you live in Scotland, it is the Sheriffs. There are a few things that must be said about Bailiffs: There are strict rules and laws they must follow to collect a debt […]

What is a County Court Judgment or CCJ and What Happens If I Have One?

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One of the tools to collect a debt in the arsenal of creditor’s collection efforts is a CCJ or County Court Judgment. When a creditor decides to go to the courts and get a CCJ, in some instances, not all instances, they may have exhausted all the other efforts they may have tried. It may […]

I Have a CCJ, Can The Courts Take My House?

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Question Hi, I foolishly signed as a guarantor for a now ex-friend of mine. He defaulted on the loan, and I was contacted to pay. I could not afford to repay the loan, so it went to court and a CCJ was issued against me. I entered into a payment plan, but I am unsure […]

How To Get Out Of Debt

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“Neither a borrower nor a lender be” Hamlet Act 1, Scene 3 Debt: “The state of owing money to someone, or something”. Debt is a four letter word, and for some people, a dirty four letter word as they wish they were not in it (debt), or do their best to try and avoid it […]