Setting Up A Household Budget and What Are Priority Bills

hand with a calculator

Many of us have household budgets, which we live by allowing us, or showing us what we can spend each month. Some people use elaborate mobile apps or spreadsheets or programs to set-up these budgets. But the reality is a budget sets itself up, once you know your priority bills and debts, and go from […]

My Husband Died How Do I Handle His Finances?

Question Hi, I’m 55 years old & just lost my husband very suddenly (May 2021). I have a lot of finances to sort out & was wanting some advice & help if this is possible? Thank you If I could start with these questions please, I need help to cancel credit cards & council tax […]

I Am Struggling To Pay My Rent What Can I Do?

Question Jon, I have a council flat which is now owned by a housing association and each April my rent and service charges increases. I know it will rise again next April and I am already struggling to pay what the rent and service charges are currently. What can I do? I do not want […]

What Happens If I Stop Paying Council Tax?

Question I am just looking for some information to be honest. I’m going to be really honest. I’ve got to the point in life where I’ve had enough of all the pushing around from the big wigs because they can. So there’s two things I don’t want to pay anymore. 1 is council tax & […]

Can Council Tax Debt Be Statute Barred?

Question Dukes baliffs attended my parents private house today trying to enforce some council tax debt which is from over 11 years ago they left a sheet of paper stating /threatening that they will attend again they asked for my name i never confirmed this they also told lies stating that my father stated i […]