How to Pay Energy Bills and Council Tax?

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Question I have a variety of unsecured debts, some are with debt collection and some not. I have a joint mortgage so I’ve been happily not paying some of my own debts but don’t want to affect our mortgage until I’m in a position to fight that Too. Where can I find in for and […]

I Cannot Afford To Pay My Council Tax


Question Jon thanks for your advice you provide. I have an issue with my local council, I owe them money and they say they are going to send out bailiffs. I just cannot afford to pay them, and am at a loss as to what to do? Answer Hi, Council Tax is a priority bill […]

I Have Bills I Owe And Do Know What To Do?


Question Council tax debt Credit card debt Clean air zone debt Cannot afford to pay Amar Answer Amar, Your query is very cryptic indeed. Can you provide me more details, such as how much you owe for each of these debts? And are you in arrears with these accounts? Are you working? Is it a […]

Can I Use The Council Tax Rebate To Pay Council Tax Arrears?

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Quesion Jon, I am in arrears with my council tax and was wondering if the new council tax rebate will help cover this? George Answer Hi George, The Council Rebate announced by the government is to begin rolling out in April, however, I have been told some Councils will not begin the rebate until May. […]

Will a Past Eviction Keep Me From Letting a Flat?

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Question Hi Jon, I stumbled across your site and hope you can give me some advice. A few years ago I fell on some hard times, and did not manage my money very well. I failed to pay my rent, council tax, everything but food and drink. I as eventually evicted by my landlord, and […]

I Need Advice As I Am Struggling With My Bills

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Question Hi, I am working but only a few hours a week, and I am struggling with my bills. I do not have any debt, no credit cards or loans, but I have rent, council tax, food, and weekly transport expenses to get to work. I just cannot afford to live. Now with energy bills […]

I Owe Council Tax And Don’t Know What To Do?


Question Jon, I have read what you wrote about CCJ’s and also the courts enforcing the judgment. I owe Council Tax and have been in arrears for sometime now, and recently the Council sent me a court notice that they are seeking a judgment against me. I know this is serious, but I don’t know […]

Is 2022 Going To Be The Year Of The “Financial Squeeze”?

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2021 is coming to a close and already is being reported that 2022 is going to be the “year of the squeeze” financial for households. As if 2021 was not bad enough, between lock downs, furloughs, supply chain issues, job losses, shops and stores closing, you have to wonder, how could it get any worse!? […]

Will Unpaid Debts and Council Tax Affect An Enhanced DBS?

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Question One of my friends left the country in 2015 without paying his credit cards and council tax. He returned recently to UK after 6 years. whether they chase him for unpaid bills and will it affect his enhanced DBS check for his work? Answer Hi, Has your friend had any contact since he left […]

Council Tax is a Priority Bill

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A lot of people moan about paying Council Tax….and I was one of them. I pay £85 a month, and I always said, what am I getting for this money??? I know, I was getting rubbish removal, police services, fire services, plus funding the Council itself. But yet, I still moaned. Then there was the […]