I Can No Longer Pay My Credit Card’s Minimum Payment

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Question Jon, I owe Vanquis credit card £2,000 and I just can no longer sustain the minimum payments, the interest I pay each month alone is over £75! I need to know what I can do? Robbie Answer Robbie, Have you spoke to Vanquis about your situation? That is your starting point. They may be […]

Today in UK Debt: 29/04/2022

You Can Be In Work….But Still Need Financial Help That sounds like a bold statement, but it is true. Many people work, but they may be on zero (0) hour contracts, or just not earn enough to pay all the bills. So they can then claim benefits, which is now Universal Credit, and may still […]

Today In UK Debt: 18/4/2022

What Is The Most Expensive Thing In Your Life? Buying a house….buying a car……nope! Children! We want them, love them, and they are an expense. An expense of love. There are various calculators and charts showing how much it costs to raise a child to a certain age, usually age 16 or 18, but they […]

Members of Parliament to Get a Pay Rise

When I first saw this in the news, I thought it might be “fake news”. But then I saw it over and over in many news feeds, and on the BBC web site, and sure enough it is not fake. MP’s are to get a £2,200 pay rise beginning April 1st. Talk about an April […]

Life Is About To Become More Costly

In the news we have heard about quite a few energy companies going bust. This was due to the fact whole sale costs of energy was going up, and the suppliers were bound by a price cap on what they could charge. The energy suppliers costs went up, but they could not cover that cost […]