Warning: Credit and Debit Cards Maybe Declined As Of Today!

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First posted Monday March 14, 2022 If the title seems a bit alarming and harsh, it is meant to be, because it is true. There may be those credit and debit card users that have their cards declined beginning today, March 14, 2022. Why you may ask??? It is due to additional and increased security […]

Why You May Want to Place a Limit On Your Contactless Card Payments

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Beginning in mid-October, the amount you can spend on your bank cards in a contactless format is to be raised from £45 to £100. Some see this as a good thing, you can make larger purchases, and just “tap and go” as they say. Others see this raising of the contactless limit a possible recipe […]

Contactless Card Limits To Be Raised To £100

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Some say it is a thief’s dream! We know we are moving to a cashless society, and the pandemic is just proving that point. Currently, £45, is the maximum you can spend without using your PIN. However, in October that limit will be raised to £100. So what does this mean for us….well….you can make […]