Are We Facing The End Of The Wallet?

Wallet in back pocket

I was in the supermarket the other day, and while waiting in the long queue at the till, I did what most people do in these situations, I looked at the food others were buying. I wanted to see what they liked, and I was just being nosey. I also began watching how the people […]

Contactless Card Limits To Be Raised To £100

paying with a bank card

Some say it is a thief’s dream! We know we are moving to a cashless society, and the pandemic is just proving that point. Currently, £45, is the maximum you can spend without using your PIN. However, in October that limit will be raised to £100. So what does this mean for us….well….you can make […]

Bank Fraud On The Rise and Biometric Approval

online security

You build a better mouse trap, and the mice get smarter! When the pandemic hit, and it is still here, paying for goods and services needed to change. We were already on course to be a cashless society in a few years, and Covid just quickened the pace. With becoming a cashless society, it means […]