What Is a Logbook Loan?

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A logbook loan by definition is a loan against a vehicle, such as a car, van or motorcycle, that has value. As the owner of the vehicle, you pledge the vehicle as collateral to secure a loan. You have continued use of the vehicle, but it is now the property of the lender as you […]

What Are The Different Forms of Credit and Loans?

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If you looking into the world of credit and loans, you may be surprised at the different types of credit that can be extended to you, and that credit is extended in the form of a loan. However, there are many different types of loans. Loans Fall Into Two Different Categories In discussing the various […]

How Can I Get a Car Loan With Bad Credit?

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Question I need a loan to buy a car as I have found a job, but the location for work is not on any bus routes, in addition the job is working unsocial hours. I don’t need an expensive car, just a reliable one to get to and from work. The problem is I have […]