I Need Advice to Cancel a Loan

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Question I need advice on how to cancel a loan I took out. I needed the money to buy a car, so I took out a personal loan for £5,000, but I got financing at the dealership, so I no longer need the loan. How can I cancel the loan? Cheers! Dan Answer Dan, There […]

How Can I Cancel My Student Bank Account Overdraft?

student debt

Question A couple of years ago I took out a student overdraft of £2,000 on my student bank account with the Royal Bank of Scotland. They have just started to charge me interest on this in the past couple of months, as you get 2 years after you graduate for this overdraft to stay interest […]

How Can I Get Out Of a Loan?

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Question How do I get out of a loan I just took out. I applied for the loan 2 days ago, and have changed my mind. Answer Hi, Many lenders and by law have a “cooling off” period after taking out a loan or insurance policy. In addition, by law there is a 14 day […]