What Happens If I Let My House Out?

keys on a house keyring

A question we get asked from time-to-time, and one I have advised some friends on, is about letting out their house. They are buying the property, and want to let it out, and possibly buy another property, or in the instance of a friend of mine, she decided to do the Airbnb thing with her […]

What Can I Do With a Buy-to-Let Mortgage?

Question Hello, I have a mortgage, which has been around 11 years now. I have another 9 months and £85,000 left to pay. It is on rent, and has a BTL mortgage. Is there anything I can do in regards to the mortgage? ThanksJasdip Answer Jasdip, I am a bit unclear as to your question? […]

Do I Need a Buy-to-Let Mortgage?

Question I have a property I own and it still has a mortgage on it. I am in process of buying a second property, and am letting out my first property. Someone told me I need to advise my mortgage lender about this. It’s my house, if I want to let it out I should […]