Should I Sell My Properties To Get out of Debt?

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Question: Jon, I hope you can help me find an answer to this question. My debts are as follows: £32,000 to HMRC, this is from the past 2 years. £20,000 in various loans to my bank. £8,000 in credit cards, 2 cards to different banks. 1 car on HP and 1 car on a personal […]

You Cannot Borrow Your Way Out of Debt


I was talking to a young business person the other day, and we were going over their finances, personal, and business. Both of their finances were tightly weaved together. The business was run as a sole trader, and as such, the owner had some loans in just their name, and some loans in the company […]

I Am Looking For Options To Repay My Business Debt

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Question: Hi, I have a business problem that I don’t think I can get out of or resolve and need some advice. I owe nearly £50,000 in bounce back loans to the government, in addition I owe £20,000 in taxes to HMRC, £10,000 on a business credit card, a loan for a work van, my […]

I Have Debt In The EU?


Question Hi Jon, I had a shop in the EU for a few years and business was good, we sold souvenirs and stuff like that at a resort area, and business was good. Then when the virus hit and the lock-downs and no travel, were out of business. I still owe rent on the shop, […]

I Owe £200,000 And Need Advice As What To Do?

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Question I need some advice and help as to what I can and cannot do. My situation is as follows: I owe £200,000 for accounts, loans and supplies I ordered for my company. The company is in just my name as a sole trader. Some of the loans I guaranteed. My company is no longer […]

Building And Construction Firms Going Bust

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I have been seeing, and writing a lot lately about companies going bust, in part because it is what I am reading and seeing happen. Especially in my city of all places. And how do I know this? You watch a company demolish an existing building and begin to build a new one; be it […]