I Have Debt In The EU?


Question Hi Jon, I had a shop in the EU for a few years and business was good, we sold souvenirs and stuff like that at a resort area, and business was good. Then when the virus hit and the lock-downs and no travel, were out of business. I still owe rent on the shop, […]

Have You Felt It Yet? Inflation!


We have been warned that 2022 is going to be the year, not of the Tiger, but the “financial squeeze”. And it appears this is not just a saying or mystic knowledge, but in fact as inflation has risen, so have prices….on just about everything. We were warned and told that some prices may rise, […]

The Labour Force Is In Need


And I not talking about the political party either. I have been speaking to various friends and people out in the working world, and also researching jobs on the Internet job boards, and it appears that there are quite a few jobs available out there….if you want them. The majority of the jobs I found […]

The Ever Changing Faces of Being a Landlord And Being a Tenant

tenancy agreement

In case you missed it, the world has changed, in just about every way. We experienced, and are still experiencing an unprecedented pandemic, the economy took quite a hit and so did the work/labour force, government spending went through the roof, and sadly…a lot of people got sick and died. Here in the UK we […]

Getting a Loan After The Pandemic

loan application

To use the term, unprecedented, during the Covid Pandemic was an understatement! Not since 1918 and the Spanish Flu epidemic did we see such death rates, sickness, and countries being locked down, and life as we know it, changing forever. So much changed and had to change during the lock downs we experienced. Our shopping […]

Brexit….Covid…Petrol Crisis….a Perfect Storm!

pumping petrol

So much has happened in the past 18 months, it is hard to say where to begin, but certain factors have come together to bring about a “perfect storm” of major issues here in the UK, and also elsewhere. And in some strange way, all these factors are linked, and who would or could have […]