Being In Debt Costs Us More Money Than Others Not In Debt

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For some borrowers, we take out a credit card, get a loan, finance a car, and simply pay the payments each month, knowing we are paying some form of interest. Borrowing money, taking out credit is not free. Unless you get zero percent interest rates….which not many of us will receive. So we know borrowing […]

I Need Advice On What To Do With My Credit Card Debt

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Question Jon, I owe a lot of money, over £15,000 and it is all on credit cards. I just kept taking card after card out and using them to their limit spending mostly online. I had deliveries almost everyday for a long time. My flat looks great, and I have more than I need, but […]

I Was Made Redundant And Cannot Afford My Bills

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Question Jon, I was recently made redundant which I found odd as the store was hiring just when the last lock down lifted. I am challenging the redundancy, but for now I am out of work. I have researched and applied for Universal Credit, and that will help pay my rent, and food, but I […]

Getting a Loan After The Pandemic

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To use the term, unprecedented, during the Covid Pandemic was an understatement! Not since 1918 and the Spanish Flu epidemic did we see such death rates, sickness, and countries being locked down, and life as we know it, changing forever. So much changed and had to change during the lock downs we experienced. Our shopping […]

I Was Made Redundant During The Pandemic And Still Owe a Debt.

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Question Hi Jon, I have visited this site a few times and happy to have stumbled across it. I like reading the posts and questions people ask, and now I have a question of my own. I unfortunately took out a loan just before the lock downs to do some upgrades to my home. Then […]

Will Taking a Breathing Space From My Debts Affect My Credit Score?

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Question I was recently made redundant, and while I am receiving Universal Credit, it is not enough to pay the bills I have. I called my bank and my credit card and they said they would allow me 60 days to find out what my options are and to seek debt advice. So I do […]

“Breathing Space” Scheme

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I am unsure why this new “breathing space” scheme is back in the news, as not only was it something introduced a couple of years back, but most creditors have been offering it to account holders for some time now. Especially during the past year, when many people were on furlough, or lost their jobs. […]