I Need Advice As I Am Struggling With My Bills

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Question Hi, I am working but only a few hours a week, and I am struggling with my bills. I do not have any debt, no credit cards or loans, but I have rent, council tax, food, and weekly transport expenses to get to work. I just cannot afford to live. Now with energy bills […]

Debt and Inflation Catching Up With Us All: Especially If on Benefits

I just read some news that was a bit not nice, “Universal Credit Claimants Overwhelmed By Debt”. Not a good sign. But it is a sign of the times….unfortunately. The Times They Are a Changing… So sang Robert Zimmerman…look it up. And our times are changing now. Inflation is up, wages are not keeping pace, […]

My Tax Credits Have Been Stopped What Can They Do?

Question I had my tax credit stopped because they said I wasn’t commercially viable, I may be asked to pay 4.000 to them. What can they do if I don’t? Helen Answer Helen, Who gave you the tax credit, was it DWP? Was the tax credit based on something related to the pandemic, and lock […]

I Was Made Redundant And Cannot Afford My Bills

Question Jon, I was recently made redundant which I found odd as the store was hiring just when the last lock down lifted. I am challenging the redundancy, but for now I am out of work. I have researched and applied for Universal Credit, and that will help pay my rent, and food, but I […]

My Benefits Have Been Cut And I Don’t Know What To Do?

Question Jon, My benefits have been cut by the extra £20 a week, I lost my job due to the pandemic, and cannot afford to live, let alone pay the credit cards I have. I am at wit’s end as to how to handle this mess! Jane Answer Jane, While it is a difficult period […]

I Can No Longer Afford To Repay My Partner’s Loan.

Question I took out a loan in my name to help my partner a few years back. I had been paying the loan as they had lost their job and had no income except for benefits. They got Universal Credit. We split up and now I have also lost my job as the company I […]

I Have Gambling Debts And Have Been Made Redundant

Question Hi, I hope you can help. I had a gambling problem for years and have recently begun treatment through Gamblers Anonymous. The major problem is I have £10,000 of credit card debt, and while I was making the minimum payments, I have now been made redundant. I qualify and am receiving Universal Credit, but […]

How Do I Tell My Bank I Do Not Want To Pay My Credit Card?

Question Hello, I am self employed, didn’t qualify for the covid grants and got kicked off universal credit after 10 months for daring to help my family in Portugal with their homestead for over a month. As a result I have a credit card debt that I do not want to pay back. How do […]

Your Health Is Your Wealth

I am sure many of you have heard or read this “adage” over the years. And what it states is simple and true. Recently I have been speaking with people who are facing an illness, some terminal, and are concerned about how they can continue to pay the bills and debts they owe. I have […]

Life Is About To Become More Costly

In the news we have heard about quite a few energy companies going bust. This was due to the fact whole sale costs of energy was going up, and the suppliers were bound by a price cap on what they could charge. The energy suppliers costs went up, but they could not cover that cost […]