My Relationship Has Broken Down And I Am Unsure What To Do?

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Question Jon, my situation is as follows: I was in a long-term relationship with my partner for over 20 years, and we have 2 children together. I had inherited our home prior to meeting, but we did live there together for over 20 years. There has been a breakdown in the relationship and my partner […]

Am I Entitled To My Partner’s House?

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Question Jon, My partner of 20 years and I are sadly splitting up, they have found someone new. It is still hard for me to think about. I moved into their home 15 years ago, and we have split the bills 50/50 since then. It was her house, but for 15 years I paid half […]

Why Do I Have To Give My Ex Half Of My House?

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Question Hi Jon, I have a very specific question and situation I hope you can advise me on. I married my husband 11 years ago and he moved into my home. I bought the house 3 years before we were married and he moved in. I had a 10 year mortgage in just my name. […]

Will I Lose My House Due to My Husband Being Bankrupt?

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Question My husband has recently been made bankrupt by a company he owed money to due to a bad business deal. He owes them £90,000. He also owes others around £45,000. I own the property we live in. I owned it before we got married, and he moved in after we got married, 10 years […]