Today in UK Debt: 02/05/2022

may calander

Now that the Bank Holiday weekend is almost behind us, it is time to get back to things. Passport Warnings The skies, and planes are opening up again, and holidays are being booked. But we are being warned about our passports, and what to check for before we set off to the skies. Most people […]

What Is a Bankruptcy Restriction Order?

When someone goes bankrupt, an Official Receiver is appointed from the insolvency service to review the person going bankrupt’s finances. They will review their income and expenses, and also the accounts they are looking to discharge in the bankruptcy. Meaning no longer owe after being bankrupt. While a person is bankrupt, which is 12 months, […]

Can I Give Money To Someone Before I Go Bankrupt?

Question Jon, I need to go bankrupt, but first I am going to transfer £10,000 to my brother to hold onto, and I am transferring the property I jointly on with my wife into her name alone. There is some equity in the property, but we still have a small mortgage left to pay. The […]