Amazon and Visa Kiss and Make Up

Visa credit cards

If you have been following the recent news, Amazon made the decision to stop taking Visa credit cards as payments for purchases. Then Amazon decided to delay their decision and deadline to stop accepting Visa cards. But as of this writing, Amazon and Visa have come to strike a “deal”, and we can continue using […]

Amazon vs Visa: The Power Play Continues

Open sign and Visa

Amazon has previously stated they will stop accepting Visa credit cards for payment as of January 19, 2022….which is quickly approaching. So unless a last minute deal is struck, all of us in the UK with a Visa card who buys on Amazon, will be locked out….unless you have a MasterCard. So how many people […]

The World Has Slowed Down

the world

Due to the pandemic and Covid, and now this resurgence in a new variant of the virus, so many people are testing positive and also need to self-isolate. This slows down the world. More and more we have moved towards an automated customer service routine. You need to ring up a company and more and […]

Navigating The World Of Online Reviews

image with a magnifying glass

I am not going to provide links, or name names, but we all know about online reviews, and how to find them. Just about every business that has an online presence, has reviews of their goods and services on their web site. OK, I’ll mention one web site, Amazon, maybe two, Argos, for each product […]

Amazon UK To Stop Accepting Visa For Payments

Visa credit card

In quite a surprise move, Amazon UK is stated they will no longer accept Visa credit cards for payments and purchases as of January 19, 2022! That is a bit of a shocker. Amazon stated this was due to the high transaction fees Visa charges, however, Visa debit cards will still be accepted. Naturally for […]