Cheap Airfares Are Over – Borrowing to Pay Energy Bills


Fuel Costs Will Raise Airfares Once again Ryanair is in the news stating airfares will rise and the day of the 10 Euro airfare is over. Read what Chief Executive Michael O’Leary says here. How To Pay Higher Energy Bills It’s coming, like it or not….higher gas and electricity bills. They may even go higher […]

Heathrow Tells Airline to Stop Selling Tickets – We Are Not As Smart as We Think

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Heathrow Tells Airlines No More Tickets! Heathrow airport in London has imposed a cap on the number of passengers they can deal with until September. This reduction is being told to the airlines in the form of reducing the number of tickets they sell. Read all here. UK Numeracy Skills According to charity National Numeracy […]

In America….Happy 4th of July!


My Father’s Birthday Was the 4th of July! The 4th of July is a big holiday in America. My father was born at home on the 4th of July, so there was no birth certificate, which haunted him basically the rest of his life. But he was born in America, lived and died there. And […]