I Need Advice to Cancel a Loan

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Question I need advice on how to cancel a loan I took out. I needed the money to buy a car, so I took out a personal loan for £5,000, but I got financing at the dealership, so I no longer need the loan. How can I cancel the loan? Cheers! Dan Answer Dan, There […]

How To Cancel or Get Out Of a Loan

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I have been getting asked more and more, how to cancel or get out of a loan, and my answers will fall into two (2) categories: Are you wanting to cancel the loan in the 14 day “cooling off” period? Are you wanting to cancel a loan after the cooling off period? Then there is […]

How Can I Get Out Of a Loan?

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Question How do I get out of a loan I just took out. I applied for the loan 2 days ago, and have changed my mind. Answer Hi, Many lenders and by law have a “cooling off” period after taking out a loan or insurance policy. In addition, by law there is a 14 day […]