Can I Go Bankrupt In The USA And Move Back To The UK?

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Question Jon, I currently live in America, but hold dual citizenship in both the US and UK. I am serious debt here in the US as a restaurant I started 5 years ago is looking at bankruptcy and liquidation here in the US. My question is I am considering moving back to the UK and […]

Can I Run Away From My Debts?

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Question I hope you can help. I owe a lot of money and lost my job a few months ago, and just want to do a runner and leave the country. I am even planning on leaving and not worrying about returning and dealing with life here ever again. Can I do this? Can I […]

How Can I Pay Debts in The UK If I Have Moved to The USA?

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Question Jon, I lived in the UK for almost 5 years on a work Visa. I left the UK just a few months ago to come back home to the US, in part due to the pandemic and also my work Visa was soon to expire. I still have a credit card and a few […]

Can I Return to The UK If I Left Unpaid Bills Behind?

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Question I lived in the UK for 2 years back in 2019, but left when my student Visa ended. When I left I still owed a mobile contract, and had a credit card with a small balance on it. I am now going back to the UK to visit friends, and will only be there […]

Will I Be Stopped at The Airport When I Return to The UK?

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Question Hi Jon, I lived in the UK in 2005 for 1 year, and left leaving behind an unpaid mobile phone bill, a credit card bill, and a small loan of about £500. I left the UK to move back home in Canada. I am now hoping to go back to the UK on a […]

My Friend Could Not Board Plane in the UK Because of Her Debt

Question Dear Jon, I have a close friend in the UK who has been there for about 9 months to settle her father’s death settlement with the courts. She is a US citizen and has finished up all necessary court proceedings and acquiring all necessary forms needed to take possession of the settlement. During her […]