Can I Come Back To The UK For Work Having Left Unpaid Accounts There?

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Question I left the UK about 3 years ago when my student Visa was up. I left a mobile phone account, and a few small credit cards. I have a job offer back in England and am worried these accounts may affect my travels there, or I may be arrested at the airport. Answer Hi, […]

I Have Been Offered a Job In The UK But Left Unpaid Student Loans


Question I left the UK in 2015 as my student Visa was up and I had to move back to my home country. I left behind some bills, like a mobile phone contract, my student loans, an overdraft, and also a credit card. I have been offered a job in the UK and want to […]

Will I Be Taken Into Custody If I Return To The UK To See My Children?

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Question My situation is that I left the UK 23 years ago and moved to the states and have not returned since 2001 and 2004 for family emergencies. My reason for fleeing was that I was paying child support for two children for 4 years with a court order and never missed. In a future […]

Will Unpaid Debts and Council Tax Affect An Enhanced DBS?

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Question One of my friends left the country in 2015 without paying his credit cards and council tax. He returned recently to UK after 6 years. whether they chase him for unpaid bills and will it affect his enhanced DBS check for his work? Answer Hi, Has your friend had any contact since he left […]

Will My UK Visa Application Be Rejected For Old Debts?

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Question Jon, I left the UK in 2017 as I had a temporary Visa to live there, but I overstayed by 18 months. Immigration finally caught up with me and they deported me back to my home country. I now have an offer of a job in the UK and plan to return. My question […]

Can I Return To The UK Having Left Unpaid Accounts?

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Question I currently live in the states, and have a green card, but I am also a British Citizen. I have lived in the USA for 5 years, and when I moved here I left some accounts in England unpaid. I met someone, came to America, got married and plan to stay here. We want […]

Can UK Debts Be Reported And Collected In The USA?

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Question I happily stumbled across your web site and need some advice. I lived in Wales and England for about 8 years and moved back to the United States last year when the pandemic began. I am a US citizen and had been living in England as a spouse of a British man, and when […]