Can I Get UK Citizenship With a CCJ?

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Question I currently live in the UK and had a spouse Visa, and now have an ILR. I wish to apply for UK Citizenship, but I am concerned as I have a CCJ, which I am paying off, and I also have some other small debts. Will the CCJ or debts cause my citizenship application […]

Will Being in Debt Affect My Student Visa?

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Question I was a student in the UK in 2017 and while there had a credit card and a loan that I did not repay. I left the UK when my Visa expired and came back to my home country. I now want to return to the UK again as a student, but am worried […]

Do I Need Health Insurance With a UK Student Visa?

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Question I am going to England to study and have been approved for a student Visa. Do I need a health insurance plan while I am studying there? Nathan Answer Nathan, I am unable to give you an exact answer as some Visa’s here in the UK do require you to provide proof of insurance, […]

Will a CCJ Affect Getting Citizenship In The UK?


Question I am applying for Citizenship here in the UK and there is a Good Character requirement part on the application. I am concerned my application could be denied as I am in some debt and have a CCJ, which I am making payments towards. I have lived in England for over 10 years now, […]