Do I Owe My Deceased Husband’s Bills?

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Question Jon, my husband of 35 years recently died. He had a lot of bills and accounts he owed and now I am worried I will owe them. Janice Answer Janice, I am sorry for the loss of your husband. 35 years together is a good bit of time, I am sure you have some […]

I Need Advice On My Deceased Father’s Estate


Question My father recently died and he had a lot of unpaid bills and debts due to his company. He was the Director of the company and everything was in his name. My sister and I are sorting through his accounts, and while he had a few properties and also some bank accounts with substantial […]

What Happens To My Debts If I Am Sick And Cannot Pay Them?

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Question Hi Jon, I have reviewed your web site and it has given me some good answers to my questions, but I still have one. I owe a lot of money, near £20,000, but I have a good job and can meet the payments. I own a company and it is still doing well even […]

My Husband Died How Do I Handle His Finances?

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Question Hi, I’m 55 years old & just lost my husband very suddenly (May 2021). I have a lot of finances to sort out & was wanting some advice & help if this is possible? Thank you If I could start with these questions please, I need help to cancel credit cards & council tax […]

How Do I Pay My Deceased Father’s Debts?

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Question Jon, My father died last month and we are now in the process of cleaning out his house. He lived in a housing association property, so he had no real assets. In cleaning the property, we have found numerous bills and accounts that he owed. Not just the usual utility bills, but also some […]

What Happens To My Mum’s Debt When She Dies?


Question Hi Jon, I ask this question on behalf of my 89 year old mum, whose health is failing. She owes around £5,000 in total to a credit card, Vanquis, and also a loan she took out with Lloyds. What happens to these accounts when she dies? She has life insurance to bury her, but […]