Can I Refuse To Pay Council Tax?

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Question: Can I refuse to pay council tax not wearing my legal fiction? Can I just say to council tax demands? Answer: Hi, I know from the question you sent you watched a documentary entitled the Straw Man, and how it deals with legal issues and “knowing the cage, in order to get out of […]

The Council Is Threatening Bailiffs For Unpaid Council Tax

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Question: I have issues with my landlord as they refuse to install a new worktop so I can install a gas hob, I went to council to ask for help and they say they will not get involved as they share same office etc I also have a few other issues with them. I am […]

I Cannot Afford To Pay My Council Tax


Question Jon thanks for your advice you provide. I have an issue with my local council, I owe them money and they say they are going to send out bailiffs. I just cannot afford to pay them, and am at a loss as to what to do? Answer Hi, Council Tax is a priority bill […]

Can I Use The Council Tax Rebate To Pay Council Tax Arrears?

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Quesion Jon, I am in arrears with my council tax and was wondering if the new council tax rebate will help cover this? George Answer Hi George, The Council Rebate announced by the government is to begin rolling out in April, however, I have been told some Councils will not begin the rebate until May. […]

I Owe Council Tax And Don’t Know What To Do?


Question Jon, I have read what you wrote about CCJ’s and also the courts enforcing the judgment. I owe Council Tax and have been in arrears for sometime now, and recently the Council sent me a court notice that they are seeking a judgment against me. I know this is serious, but I don’t know […]

What Happens If I Stop Paying Council Tax?

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Question I am just looking for some information to be honest. I’m going to be really honest. I’ve got to the point in life where I’ve had enough of all the pushing around from the big wigs because they can. So there’s two things I don’t want to pay anymore. 1 is council tax & […]

Can Council Tax Debt Be Statute Barred?

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Question Dukes baliffs attended my parents private house today trying to enforce some council tax debt which is from over 11 years ago they left a sheet of paper stating /threatening that they will attend again they asked for my name i never confirmed this they also told lies stating that my father stated i […]