A Creditor Has Threatened To Sell My House, Can They Do This?


Question: I had a company I was the Director of about 5 years ago. Due to the Pandemic, we closed up shop and went out of business. The company had a few accounts and debts which we paid when we closed, all but one loan for £75,000. The loan was taken out 7 years ago […]

I Have a CCJ And Now Bailiffs Are At My Door

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Question Hi and thank you in advance. I failed to repay a loan years ago and the bank got a CCJ and have now sent out Bailiffs. I am scared and just do not know what to do. Vicki Answer Vicki, Bailiffs can be intimidating and very stressful. But most of them are very professional […]

Can a Bank Get a Charge Against My Home?

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Question Years ago I was foolish and did not repay a loan to my local bank. I just let it go, and the bank got a CCJ against me. Now they are contacting me as I have a property and are saying they are going to get a charge against my home. Can they do […]

Do I Still Owe a Debt From 2015?

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Question Hi Jon, I hope you can give me some advice on my debt problem. I defaulted on a loan years ago, back in 2015, and the bank did take me to court and got a CCJ. I never showed up in court and don’t know what happened after that as I have moved house […]

Can I Get a CCJ Removed?

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Question My debt has gone to a CCJ. Can you get rid of a CCJ, and if so how? Answer Hi, Yes you can “get rid” of a CCJ, but it depends on when the CCJ was issued. If you can pay the debt or CCJ, within 30 days, it will not be registered, and […]

A Charging Order Has Been Placed Against My Property, Help!

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Question Help! I received a CCJ and now I have been informed I have a charging order against my property. What can I do? Are they going to repossess my home? Karen Answer Karen, Charing Orders are serious, and a part of the enforcement process of having a CCJ/County Court Judgment. A couple of questions […]

I Have a CCJ, Can The Courts Take My House?

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Question Hi, I foolishly signed as a guarantor for a now ex-friend of mine. He defaulted on the loan, and I was contacted to pay. I could not afford to repay the loan, so it went to court and a CCJ was issued against me. I entered into a payment plan, but I am unsure […]