If It Sounds Too Good To Be True….Then It Probably Is

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The above is an old saying, but it still rings true, and maybe even more so today with all the mischief going on with scams, and fraudulent activities. And the Internet has made this even more prevalent. The Internet and playing on our fears. You’d think it was safe going to a cash point/ATM, think […]

Scams, Scams, And More Scams

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The other night my phone rang and it was an unknown number, it wasn’t blocked, but it was a number I did not recognise, but I still answered it. It was some form of robo-call putting me on hold until a real person could pick up. So I put the phone down. Then in about […]

A New Day….A New Scam

cash machine

I have written in the past about new scams, and how not to be scammed avoiding fraudsters. However, it is getting more and more difficult to stay out of scamming and fraudster’s pool. It seems that scammers now want to go again to the point of where you get your cash, a cash machine. In […]

There Is A New Scam In Town Called “Smishing”

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There have been a lot of scams over the years, probably since the dawn of time and money. If you are old enough you may remember the Nigerian Prince scam where they wanted to send you money because they heard you were a person they could trust. Then there were scammers and fraudsters saying you […]

Bank Fraud On The Rise and Biometric Approval

online security

You build a better mouse trap, and the mice get smarter! When the pandemic hit, and it is still here, paying for goods and services needed to change. We were already on course to be a cashless society in a few years, and Covid just quickened the pace. With becoming a cashless society, it means […]

How Can I Avoid Being Scammed?

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With more of us working from home, and being on lock down, which is being lifted soon, you might think that fraudsters and scammers and being scammed would drop in the numbers of it happening. But you would be wrong in your thinking. Scams are on the rise! And so a logical question to ask […]