More “Circuit Breaker” Lock Downs And a Cashless Society

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As I write this, there is a lot going on here in and on our island. The devolved nations have imposed additional restrictions due to new variants of Covid. The governments are ramping up testing and vaccines for everyone. PCR testing to travel to certain countries is on a much larger scale. More and more […]

Bogus PCR Covid Tests

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Let us preface this quick piece of writing and reading with, I am not a conspiracy theorist. But….. Recently in doing some travelling to the Colonies, and also speaking with others who were travelling, there seemed to be a common thread through the conversation, and that was the cost of a PCR Covid test, and […]

A New Day And New Covid Travel Rules

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This could also be titled, A New Day And a New Covid Variant, as that is what it seems like. If I am to interpret the new government guidelines and rules, which go into effect on Tuesday the 30th, due to the new Omicron variant of Covid, face masks are now compulsory in shops and […]

It Is Time To Begin Paying For The Pandemic

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When the Covid Pandemic hit the world, we were not prepared, and we should have been. But it was unprecedented, and nothing like it on that scale had been around since 1918, so over 100 years ago. One major thing the governments were not prepared for, in addition to the loss of life, and strain […]

Have You Tried To Buy or Even Hire a Car Lately? The Spike In Prices!

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The Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdowns has and is still causing a lot of disruptions. We had people on furlough from work, many working from home, stores closed, jobs now lost, and now even out of lock down there are supply chain issues, and of course the number of those sick and dead. It is […]

How Does The Energy Companies Going Bust Affect Us?

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If you have watched the news or read the news, then you surely have heard about many of the energy providers here in the UK going bust, or going out of business. The companies going out of business so far are: People’s Energy Utility Point PfP Energy MoneyPlus Energy Avro Energy Green Supplier LTD It […]

How Much Debt Does The UK Have Due To The Pandemic?

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Pandemics are not cheap. You have the loss of lives, productivity, jobs, and the economic impact of lock downs, add in some government furlough money, and increased benefits, and it all adds up to billions of pounds, in this case, the UK government debt is now at £2.2 trillion! Yes, trillion! When all is said […]

How The Pandemic and The Internet Have Changed Our Shopping Habits


If you are as old as myself, you can remember when if you went shopping, you either piled in the car and drove “down town” into the city centre, or took the bus or trolley to the city centre. You always had your corner shops, but the main shopping district was in town. Then malls […]

The Pandemic Has Created a Huge Pent-Up Demand


If you sit down and give it some thought, we have been in some form of a lock down for over a year! A year of our lives has been spent locked down. Amazing when you really think about it. So for that time, life for many has stopped. No going to work, no going […]