A Nation Mourns

Queen Elizabeth II

It is all in the news that Queen Elizabeth II has died. She passed from this world yesterday in her beloved home in Balmoral. 70 Year Legacy Queen w#Elizabeth was our Queen for 70 years! The longest running Monarch in our history, and a lot had occurred and changed n that 70 years. One is […]

Life Without The Internet

connecting people

As I write this, I still have no Internet Over the past 3 weeks, my Internet has been up and down, up and down. I won’t mention my Internet provider, but we can just say their initials are BT. The Internet disruption began when someone in the neighbourhood had a phone line installed. They got […]

Fire Safety Advice Changes For Low Rise Blocks

block of flats

In 2017 a fire broke out at the Grenfell Tower block of flats in North Kensington, South London. The fire not only destroyed the high rise block of flats, but also claimed the lives of 72 people. The fire was a combination of an electrical fault with a resident’s fridge, coupled with highly flammable cladding […]