Windfalls…Inheritance….Lottery Winnings and Debt


With all the increases we are facing this year in our day-to-day bills, gas and electricity increasing, food prices, don’t even speak about petrol, more and more people are feeling the squeeze of it all on our finances and wallets…and purses. Inflation is at one of its, if not its highest peak in years! So […]

Why You May Want to Place a Limit On Your Contactless Card Payments

contactless card payment

Beginning in mid-October, the amount you can spend on your bank cards in a contactless format is to be raised from £45 to £100. Some see this as a good thing, you can make larger purchases, and just “tap and go” as they say. Others see this raising of the contactless limit a possible recipe […]

Guess Who Is The First Country to Accept Bitcoin As Currency…El Salvador!


As investments and currency goes, Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are risky, not regulated, and also not accepted in many places of the world or for purchases as currency. However, many use Bitcoin as an investment, a very risky investment. The higher the risk, the higher the possible rate of return on that investment. Cryptocurrencies, such […]

Are We Facing The End Of The Wallet?

Wallet in back pocket

I was in the supermarket the other day, and while waiting in the long queue at the till, I did what most people do in these situations, I looked at the food others were buying. I wanted to see what they liked, and I was just being nosey. I also began watching how the people […]