You Cannot Borrow Your Way Out of Debt


I was talking to a young business person the other day, and we were going over their finances, personal, and business. Both of their finances were tightly weaved together. The business was run as a sole trader, and as such, the owner had some loans in just their name, and some loans in the company […]

What Is a Bad Credit Loan?

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The question of what is a bad credit loan, was something that was asked more and more back a few years ago. Now with the pandemic, and the closure of many “bad credit” lenders, it is not something I am asked much these days. But with all that is changing and has happened….it will be […]

Do Not Go Into Debt For These 4 Things

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This little list of what not to go into debt for is obviously going to be subjective, as there are those that feel borrowing money for anything or any reason is OK, as long as you can afford to repay the debt. And to some extent, that is all fine and OK. However, not everyone […]

What Is and What Is Not Fraud In Getting a Loan or Insurance

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I seemed to find myself being asked more and more lately what is considered fraud when applying for a loan. It seems odd when people ask me this, as if something doesn’t feel right to you, or you have provided incorrect information, or not disclosed something on a loan application, technically it is fraud. And […]

How Do I Get a Loan With Bad Credit?


I Have Bad Credit How Do I Get a Loan? This is a question I get asked many times over the years, and my answer or answers are still the same. There are ways to get a loan with bad or poor credit, more importantly a low credit score. But you first have to deal […]

Paying a Loan Off Early And Pre-payment Penalties

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When you take out a loan, on the surface it may all seem so easy and simple. You complete a loan application, submit your details, the lender reviews the application, checks your credit history and credit score, and with some banks and lenders, within 24 hours, bam! The money is in your bank account. While […]

What Is a Bridge Loan And Do I Need One?

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A bridge loan is exactly what it sounds like, a loan to bridge two things, usually two other loans, and usually mortgages. The context that bridging loans are used is usually when you are selling one property, and buying another. The bridge loan helps you buy the new property, while you are waiting to sell […]

How To Cancel or Get Out Of a Loan

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I have been getting asked more and more, how to cancel or get out of a loan, and my answers will fall into two (2) categories: Are you wanting to cancel the loan in the 14 day “cooling off” period? Are you wanting to cancel a loan after the cooling off period? Then there is […]

Getting a Loan After The Pandemic

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To use the term, unprecedented, during the Covid Pandemic was an understatement! Not since 1918 and the Spanish Flu epidemic did we see such death rates, sickness, and countries being locked down, and life as we know it, changing forever. So much changed and had to change during the lock downs we experienced. Our shopping […]