Uninsured Motorists on Our Roads

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A True Tale In taking a walk the other day I came upon what appeared to be a car crash. It was on a side street, and no one was injured, but what I witnessed was interesting. It appeared that both the drivers were not injured, but were arguing, I suppose at who was at […]

There Is An Insurance Policy For Everything

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Anything of value, can be insured. Sounds like a bold statement, but it is true. Ask any insurance agent. We all know the basic insurance policies: Life Insurance: When you die, your family or beneficiary gets a sum of money. Car Insurance: If you want to drive on UK roads and motorways, you need car […]

New Car And Home Insurance Rules to Come Into Effect in January 2022

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Good news for those who carry car and or home insurance is to begin January 1, 2022. Beginning then, insurers cannot charge current customers more than what they would offer a new customer. The new rule is to protect loyal existing customers, and was set by the FCA/Financial Conduct Authority. You probably know the situation […]

Insuring And Protecting Oneself From Debt

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There are many ways we can “find” ourselves in debt. It may be through over-extending ourselves by taking out too much credit, losing one’s job and not being able to afford to repay the debt we have, there are many ways to wake up and realise, we are in debt. There are also catastrophic events […]

Life Insurance – It’s For The Living

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Anything of value can be insured. And some insurances are mandated legally to have. If you want to drive on the roadways and motorways in the UK, you are legally required to have car insurance. Want to protect your home and its contents, you need building insurance, and contents insurance. There is an insurance policy […]

What Is Gap Insurance, and Do I Need It?

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If you wish to drive on roadways or motorways in the UK, you need car insurance. All vehicles must be insured. If you are not going to be driving on any roadways or motorways, you can apply for a SORN exemption, which is a Statutory Off Road Exemption. This means your vehicle will not be […]

8 Ways We Could Have a Car Insurance Claim Denied!

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When you buy a car, even if you pay cash for the car, one of the largest expenses you will have is the insurance. Yes, if you have a “lemon” of a car, repairs and maintenance can also be a huge expense, but the monthly insurance premium does not go away. If you want to […]