Addictions and Debt


Addictions and debt go together like…..well….addictions and debt. Everyone’s mind usually goes to gambling, having a gambling addiction, and falling into debt due to gambling. But there are other addictions that fuel the debt fire. This is a good read, and gives one person’s perspective and story.

Being In Debt Due to Addictions: Gambling – Drugs – Alcohol

drunk man

I have written and posted recently and in the past about being in debt due to gambling. You can read those posts here. Gambling is a very strong form of addiction, and can cause people to find themselves in debt trying to fund the addiction. It was brought to my attention I have not posted […]

Gambling and Being in Debt

blackjack hand

As Kenny Rogers once sang, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’emKnow when to fold ’em”. Another saying in gambling you always need to keep in mind is “the house always wins”. So why do people gamble? For some it is entertainment, it is fun to play some of the games. For others it […]