The Vicious Circle That is Inflation and Interest Rates

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Last week the Bank or England, or BOE, raised interest rates, again, by 0.25% to 4.25%. On their web site, they gave a pretty good reason why they have once again raised interest rates, to lower inflation. Inflation is currently “around 10%”, and the BOE’s target is to lower inflation to 2%. An 8% reduction […]

Artificial Intelligence: Is It a Threat To Human Civilization, or An Aid?

artificial intelligence

Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest minds of our time, felt that AI or Artificial Intelligence, could be a deal breaker for humanity. Meaning, it could be a danger to humanity. That is a bold statement. However, it may be one that is not far off base. Think about the Terminator films….OK, remember the […]

The Current State of Customer Service


I realise this may be somewhat subjective, as it is based on my experiences, however, I have spoke with other people regarding this as well, and will share both their positive and negative responses. The Best of Intentions I had an interesting day the other day. All started well, but it went to crap very […]

The Ever Changing and Soon to Change More, Face of Retail

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Some of what I write and state here is speculation. Speculation based on factual events, research, and time I have spent working in the retail sector/industry. How we shop and buy, or consume, has changed tremendously over the many years there has been such a thing as trading and shopping. Trading being one of the […]

Stop Paying Your Energy Bills? What’s The Worst That Could Happen?

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I have written previously about this Don’t Pay campaign, but it seems, I guess due to the recent very cold weather, to be more and more on people’s minds, and tongues. Meaning I am hearing more people talk about it. The basics of this “campaign” is that if enough people refuse to pay their high […]

What It Means To Be Poor

forsaken, lost, abandoned, isolated

This is not meant to be a full, complete, or exhaustive definition, nor does it encompass all the feelings that can occur when an individual or a family/household, are living below or at the poverty level. This is a combination of observations, research and interviews, along with some personal insight and experience. Definition of Poverty […]

Debt is Debt And Being There is No Fun And Sometimes Out of Our Control

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I am out and about a lot lately. I am in my local community speaking to many of the charities that are in the area helping people, and also speaking with many business owners, and individuals in my area. You’d think I was a politician running for office all the people I speak with! With […]

Tired of High Energy Bills? Don’t Pay Them!???


There is a campaign that has been going on for a few months now, it is called Don’t Pay UK. I am not going to list their web site here, I’m sure you can find it easily enough. The premise of this campaign and its followers is that if enough people stop paying their energy […]