An Interesting Article On Debt And Being In a MLM

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You Ask What is a MLM? An MLM is a multi-level marketing scheme, opportunity, or scam, depending on who you ask and their experiences with such matters. Thy are supposedly different than a “pyramid scheme”, in that they promote sales, or the selling of an item/product or service. Both rely on getting new members, to […]

Is Now a Good Time To Start-Up a New Business?

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These are interesting times indeed. And some of us have found ourself on furlough, or even made redundant and no longer having a job. Couple this with the high inflation rate, and many ask themselves, what is going on? However, some may ask, is this a good time to begin a new business? Start my […]

7 Ways To Determine If A Business Is Legitimate And Trustworthy

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I recently was asked to research a company here in the UK as to if they were trustworthy or not. Since we provide debt advice, this bit of research was based strictly on credit and debt. Which leads as you will see, to a major part of researching if a company is good to use […]

The Domino Effect Of a Business Going Bust


Recently in the news were the stories of various energy companies going bust, or out of business. This was due to rising wholesale costs, and a cap on what the energy companies could charge; so they lost money and went bust. If you take a moment and think back on all the stores and companies […]

Building And Construction Firms Going Bust

cranes at a construction site

I have been seeing, and writing a lot lately about companies going bust, in part because it is what I am reading and seeing happen. Especially in my city of all places. And how do I know this? You watch a company demolish an existing building and begin to build a new one; be it […]

What Is a Phoenix Company?


And out of the ashes I will arise, like a Phoenix, born again, anew! For those who may not know what a Phoenix is, it is a mythological bird that is immortal. The bird regenerates itself, and rise out of a fire or ashes to be reborn. Interesting myth. So what is a Phoenix company […]