Lists and Clickbait


5 Ways to …. 7 of The Best ….. 10 Reasons to …… 8 Ways From Sunday… You get the idea. Writers for content on web sites love lists, because they know people will click on them. It’s called Clickbait. It’s a headline to get you to click on the link, go to their web […]

How Accurate Are Credit Bureaus?

credit report

When you enter into the credit world, you then begin to have a credit report, or credit history. This credit report is a data base of your comings and going credit wise, and how you pay your accounts. Your credit file and credit score, which is a given numerical score to provide lenders and banks […]

Warning: Credit and Debit Cards Maybe Declined As Of Today!

denied stamp

First posted Monday March 14, 2022 If the title seems a bit alarming and harsh, it is meant to be, because it is true. There may be those credit and debit card users that have their cards declined beginning today, March 14, 2022. Why you may ask??? It is due to additional and increased security […]

How We Can Inadvertently Lower Our Credit Scores

credit report

Over the years we have heard, and been told, how important our credit score are. There are even adverts on the TV telling and showing us how these companies can help to improve our credit scores. And our credit scores are important, as they are used in many ways. Some employers use credit scores to […]

Being In Debt Costs Us More Money Than Others Not In Debt

time and money

For some borrowers, we take out a credit card, get a loan, finance a car, and simply pay the payments each month, knowing we are paying some form of interest. Borrowing money, taking out credit is not free. Unless you get zero percent interest rates….which not many of us will receive. So we know borrowing […]

Amazon and Visa Kiss and Make Up

Visa credit cards

If you have been following the recent news, Amazon made the decision to stop taking Visa credit cards as payments for purchases. Then Amazon decided to delay their decision and deadline to stop accepting Visa cards. But as of this writing, Amazon and Visa have come to strike a “deal”, and we can continue using […]

Amazon vs Visa: The Power Play Continues

Open sign and Visa

Amazon has previously stated they will stop accepting Visa credit cards for payment as of January 19, 2022….which is quickly approaching. So unless a last minute deal is struck, all of us in the UK with a Visa card who buys on Amazon, will be locked out….unless you have a MasterCard. So how many people […]

What Is a Good Credit Score?

credit score

This is a question I get asked very often, and the answer, as many answers are, is vague at best, but the bottom line is, the higher your credit score the better. So how high is high? This is where it can be a bit vague as different credit bureaus use different scores, although all […]

How Catalogues Extend Credit and Being in Debt To a Catalogue Company


Credit is credit, and debt is debt. Profound I know. More and more, and in part due to the lock downs, we began making our purchases as consumers online; the way we bought items changed, and for some the way they were extended credit. For many making purchases online was the way to go, use […]

Debt And Credit In a Digital Age

Warp drive

Sometimes I cast my mind back, back to a time when if you needed a loan, you went to your local bank, spoke to the Bank Manager or Loan Officer, completed a loan application and waited. You waited for the loan committee to meet, usually on a Wednesday, and they approved your loan. In some […]