Being Wrongly Accused Of Owing a Debt

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Sadly, there are times when banks, lenders, and others get it wrong, and go chasing someone for a bill or debt that they simply do not owe. I recently was recounted this tale of someone being chased for an electric bill that was over £5,000! Yes, over £5,000, more like £5,300. The person being chased […]

What To Do If Bailiffs Come to Your Home

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If there is one word which can strike fear in the hearts of anyone struggling with their bills and finances….it is Bailiffs! If you live in Scotland, it is the Sheriffs. There are a few things that must be said about Bailiffs: There are strict rules and laws they must follow to collect a debt […]

Acknowledging or Re-engaging a Statue Barred Debt

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In the UK, if a creditor has not contacted you, or attempted to collect a debt owed to them for a period of six (6) years, the account/debt is said to be Statute Barred, which means it is no longer collectable through the courts. There are the key words, no longer collectable through the courts. […]

“Breathing Space” Scheme

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I am unsure why this new “breathing space” scheme is back in the news, as not only was it something introduced a couple of years back, but most creditors have been offering it to account holders for some time now. Especially during the past year, when many people were on furlough, or lost their jobs. […]

Can Debts Be Sold?

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I Received a Call From a Collection Agency Collecting an Account I had In Another Country. You took a leap of faith, a job offer in another country, packed up the family and moved to Beverly…..I mean, packed up and moved to a new new and different country. You settle into the new country, learn […]