UK Collection Agencies Collecting Accounts and Debts Originated In The UAE

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Perhaps it is the time of year, being the New Year, or there are more ex-pats coming back to the UK from the UAE, but there seems to be an increase in collection efforts with UK collections firms collecting debts that originated in the UAE. There is one firm in particular that seem to be […]

Coyle White Divine Have a Charging Order On My Property For a Debt In The UAE

Question I left the UAE around 11 years ago and am now being chased by CWD who state they have a final charge on my house. I paid one debt to them in full and am now being chased for another. I have asked a friend in UEA to check if there are any cases […]

I Live In The USA And Coyle White Devine Are Threatening Me With a CCJ In The UK

Question Lived and worked in the UAE and took out a UAE Bank Loan which I have not repaid approx 100KGBP defaulted June 2021…..I left the UAE August 2020. I was a UK resident not British Citizen (American Citizen) between August 2020 until Sept 2021. Coyle & Devine contacted me via email today representing UAE […]

Can I Be Chased In The UK For Debt In Dubai?

Question I am a British citizen and moved to the UAE with my family. I bought a flat in 2009 in Dubai. I have been paying the monthly payment on time till July 2020. I lost my job. The bank was unwilling to listen, negotiate or restructure the mortgage loan. I asked an expert there […]