My Father-in-Law Owes Me Money, How Can I Collect It?

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Question Unsure if you can answer this question for me, but here goes. I lent my father-in-law a lot of money to bail him out of a jam. My wife persuaded me to lend the money, and as of now, my father-in-law has not been making payments. In fact he has not made any payments. […]

Should I Give My Friend Money For Their Business?

Question I need some advice regarding lending money to a friend of mine. I have known this friend for many years, and they want me to lend them £10,000 so they can expand their business. My questions are, should I get legal advice on this and have things put in writing, and what happens if […]

How Can I Collect Money Owed to Me?

Question I hope you can help me with this. I gave or lent money to my friend about a year ago. They needed money to move and get a new place to live, and asked me to lend them £3,000, which I did. We agreed they would repay me £200 a month for 18 months, […]

Should I Financially Help Out Friends and Family?

It is a dilemma as old as time, or at least as old as lending money and having family and friends in need of a “borrow” or loan, should I lend money to family? And should I lend money to friends? The answer many times comes in the form of an idiom or saying, “the […]

How Can I Collect a Loan I Gave To My Brother?

Question Hi Jon, I need some advice regarding some money I lent to my brother. The loan was for £10,000 to help him start a business he has always dreamed of having. I gave him this money 2 years ago. He started his company, and then the pandemic hit and he could not trade. I […]

8 Ways We Could Have a Car Insurance Claim Denied!

When you buy a car, even if you pay cash for the car, one of the largest expenses you will have is the insurance. Yes, if you have a “lemon” of a car, repairs and maintenance can also be a huge expense, but the monthly insurance premium does not go away. If you want to […]

I Have Seen The Future of Credit Reports and It Is Social Credit Reporting!

Predicting the future is a very chancy thing to try and do. Although George Orwell got quite a bit right with his novel 1984. I mean who would have or did predict a pandemic just a few short years ago?? Someone may have, but they kept it quiet. Not even the governments were ready, and […]