Making Payments To Debts In Other Countries

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I have written before about paying debts you may have left in another country. For one reason or another, you move to a different country, you may have a job, you may take out a loan or a credit card, and then for some when their Visa to stay in the new country ends, they […]

Today in UK Debt: 03/05/2022

Not a Good Time to Own a Superyacht…Especially if You Are Russian With the war in Ukraine ongoing, and all the sanctions being issued against Russia, one is to seize assets of oligarchs from Russia. Oh and yes, it is a War, not a conflict. One of those assets being seized is the oligarchs yachts, […]

Today In UK Debt: 25/04/2022

Restaurants Are Cracking Down on “No Shows” One of the industries hit the hardest by the pandemic and the lock downs was the hospitality industry; in particular restaurants. Now it seems pubs and restaurants are facing a new issue, no shows. Years ago no one even thought of booking a table at a restaurant or […]

Moving From One Country to Another With Debt

The skies are beginning to open up again, and many of us are planning holidays abroad, and to just go away for awhile. However, there are those that are considering or looking to move to another country on a more permanent basis, move away for a few years, or possibly a retirement, or long-term move. […]

Bilkish Is Chasing Me For a Debt I Left In Kuwait

Question Leased a car in Kuwait in 2007, left Kuwait in 2008, quite quickly to be honest. Left the car & letter at Kuwait Finance House. Nothing heard since, early Jan 2022 Bilkish contacted me via my Current employer (LinkedIn search) saying I have a dept of KD 5,899.100 They have threatened me with a […]

Turning To Crime To Get Out Of Debt

In the majority of countries, including here in the UK, being in debt is not a crime. There may be a crime committed during the course of getting into debt such as fraud, taking out loans in someone else’s name, which is also a form of fraud, and other acts which are a crime. But […]

UK Collection Agencies Collecting Accounts and Debts Originated In The UAE

Perhaps it is the time of year, being the New Year, or there are more ex-pats coming back to the UK from the UAE, but there seems to be an increase in collection efforts with UK collections firms collecting debts that originated in the UAE. There is one firm in particular that seem to be […]

Can I Be Chased In The UK For a Debt In South Africa?

Question Hi Jon and hope you can help. I left South Africa 2 years ago and left about 12,000 rand in various accounts unpaid. The banks there are contacting me and making threats and trying to collect the accounts. I am now living in the UK and am worried as to what the banks can […]

How Can I Pay Off Debts I Left In Another Country?

One of the many questions I get asked many times is about being in debt and travelling, and also about leaving unpaid accounts and debts behind in another country. The fact is for the majority of countries in the world, debt is not a crime, so it does not have any affect on travelling. And […]

Do Unpaid Debts In The US Affect My UK Credit Score?

Question Hi and thanks for this forum and way to get some answers. I am a British citizen who lived in the USA for many years. I recently moved back to the UK and am not earning the same income as I had in America. I had a few debts in America and can no […]