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Where would we be at if we didn’t include information on the state of being in debt here in the UK.

We write and post as timely and up-to-date information as we can, and also answer and address people’s questions and concerns over their particular personal financial situation. And we do this for free! Here in the UK we are fortunate to have the free debt help that we do, and it seems more and more of us are making use of that free debt help.

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I am hearing from more people, not just asking questions about their own bills, and debt issues, but general questions, the state of the economy, can we ever get out of this, will prices ever go back down, etc?

The BBC News had this recent post on their web site, which not only sums up the state of things, but also offers some good advice. Read it here.

Bank of Mum and Dad Cough Up £17 Billion!

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Maybe I am from a different generation, time, planet, or dimension, but I never asked my parents for financial help. Did they toss a few quid my way over the years, yes. But I just figured it was me, and me alone to sort money matters out.

According to this article, and a study by a think-tank for the Institute of Fiscal Studies, parents, the Bank of Mum and Dad, are handing-out £17 billion to their “offspring”!

You need to read this.

What Is Dog Spelled Backwards?

Much of the news you read or hear these days is depressing…I know, I write about and follow it.

It has been that way since newspapers were carved or chiselled out of wood and stone.

reading the news

However, sometimes in the depth of this negative aura of information, something touches us, and some recent items I have read got to me. I’ll give a slight background first.

My partner and I recently adopted or rescued a 7 year old Welsh Terrier. His family no longer had a use for him, as the little fellow was used as a show dog, and for breeding. Good work if you can get it.

welsh terrier

My little buddy was being neglected and the family knew this, and decided to give him up.

In swoop my partner and I, not because we wanted a pet/dog, we just fell in love with the little guy, and he seemed to love us.

Although, with dogs love is tricky thing. Walk me, feed me, I love you.

So what is my point?

Fresh on taking in our new housemate, and family member, and trust me….he settled right in. I read about the record numbers of pets being given up due to the cost of having a pet, and people’s financial issues.

Made me wonder what we had gotten ourselves into money wise? Pets are not cheap. But, you cannot put a price on unconditional love. Wait…let me add up the vet costs, food, grooming….I’ll have a figure for you.

I was surprised and yet not surprised, at the number of people giving up their pets, or facing feeding themselves or their pets.

You can click on the links above, and also here to read more.

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