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There is a campaign that has been going on for a few months now, it is called Don’t Pay UK. I am not going to list their web site here, I’m sure you can find it easily enough.

The premise of this campaign and its followers is that if enough people stop paying their energy bills, the suppliers will take notice and reduce the costs, or what they charge for energy.

This is like a “safety in numbers” philosophy, meets a “pack mentality” mindset.

The more the merrier, more people stop paying, then the energy suppliers have to reduce their charges. Right…but it doesn’t always work that way.

There are many issues if you do not pay your gas or electric bills, one being the supplier could turn off your service; in extreme and rare instances. But it could happen.


Next there is the fact you will wind up owing the energy supplier you choose not to pay, you will be in debt to them. And they may wish to collect that debt, using whatever means is at their disposal.

The campaign wants 1 million households to pledge to this cause, so far as of this writing 255,368 have subscribed or pledged to strike.

Granted there will be people in the group that genuinely cannot afford to pay their utility bills, with the increased costs, plus food prices increasing, and everything in general costing more.

But not paying your energy bills is not the answer!

If you are struggling to pay your gas and/or electricity, you need to explore all options and opportunities that may be available to you to help you with this.

The bottom line will be if you are using energy from a supplier, you need to pay for that energy. Granted there can be affordability issues, but stopping all payments, is not the answer.

The energy suppliers are a bigger pack than you might think.

And suppose the don’t pay plan works??? Suppliers reduce their charges, and lose money, and more energy suppliers go bust, then what?

You can read more about this “campaign” here.

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