The above is an old saying, but it still rings true, and maybe even more so today with all the mischief going on with scams, and fraudulent activities. And the Internet has made this even more prevalent. The Internet and playing on our fears.

You’d think it was safe going to a cash point/ATM, think again, there are scams for them as well.

Fraudsters and scammers will use any means to contact you, including what may look like a real and important text message.

Don’t fall for it.

The newer or newest scams involve sending message or emails stating if you want to receive the government’s energy aid money, the £400, click here, or if you qualify for the Benefits Bonus Scheme, click here. They, the scammers are preying on us!

Never Give Out Your Bank Details

computer fraud

Rule number one (1)…..Never Give Out Your Bank Details!

Simple rule, follow it.

Second rule….question any calls, messages or emails from someone or a company you do not know.

And third, never pay any money upfront for the promise of more money later. We need you to pay the (insert reason here)….could be transfer fees, notary fees, some fee, in order for us to release the funds we have to you.

It’s a scam!

Here are some other scams out there, some new, some not so new.

Package Needs Postage To Be Paid


You receive a text message on your mobile that a package is waiting for you, and you need to pay the remaining postage that is due. And they graciously provide you a link to enter your details and pay the postage.

Of course if you are not waiting for a package, then you know, it is a scam. But even if you are waiting on a package, check the tracking for your package, and inquire with the seller or who is shipping your package. Rarely do parcels or packages come owing postage or any customs fees.

Inheritance Hunter

Sometimes these can be legit and real, but you need to know what to look for. Asking for money upfront to give you or provide you who you are inheriting money from is a scam. Real inheritance hunters usually get paid a percentage of the amount they find the beneficiary is to receive. You do not pay any money upfront.

An Oldie But A Goodie

no phone scams

This phone scam is right up there with some of the best, and very elaborate and cheeky.

You receive a phone call from someone stating they are the police and your bank account has been used in a fraudulent crime, and the supposed police want you to phone your bank to get matters straightened out.

You out down the phone, and phone your bank. However, unbeknownst to you, the scammer on the line, pretending to be the police, does not break the phone call, and answers using a different voice, or even a different person, pretending to be the bank. From there, thy try to get your details, and then access your money.

There are many, many different scams out there, but in the end it is to get your details to get at your money.

A couple of points to be made:

We always need to be vigilant, because as soon as we figure out the new scams, newer scams are being created.

And don’t send money to anyone you meet online in a dating web site or app on your phone. Swipe off, and do not send any money.

Here is a great web site:

Steve and Damon not only offer advice on various scams and things not to do, but they also look at “side hustles”. Ways to make some extra money. You can view their Youtube videos here:

Well worth a view, and also to subscribe to, hey, it’s free!

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