Your local Coop stores in conjunction with their Member Pioneers, have begun their annual Celebration Day. This is where the stores and local causes come together to meet, share ideas and chat, and the Coop gives the causes money that has been raised through the Coop’s membership programme.

Since 2016, the Coop has raised £117 million for local causes. And how did they do this, much through members and membership.

It costs £1 to become a member, but when you do you get access to various deals and you can also chose a local cause to have money donated to.

For every £1 you spend, you get .2p back in your membership account, and the Coop donate the same to local causes and community organisations.

You can also choose a local cause in your area, and donate your .2p towards them.

These .2p’s add-up!

Some causes receive well over a £1,000 and some even more!

In addition, the Coop has a Local Community Fund that charities can apply to and receive money that way.

I feel it is all for a good cause, and a way to help your local community. There are so many loyalty programmes out there, and the Coop Membership is one that helps others as well.

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