There’s a word everyone likes….FREE! Free means free. No charge, you pay nothing, it costs you nada, not a penny or pound.

At this present time, the cost of living is increasing, especially the cost of food and energy. For many, the cost of gas and electricity is really hurting families. And while the government is offering some assistance, for some households, that assistance is not enough.

Food is another area that prices seem to be rising, and rising quickly. And we all need to eat. Even our local chippies are feeling it…and passing the increase onto us. That is the way business works.

Food banks are receiving less in donations from major supermarkets, this due to the fact the supermarkets want to reduce their waste. By reducing their waste, they have less to donate. Which means at a time when more and more people are in need of food banks, the food banks do not have sufficient food to give away.

So when someone says something is free, we jump on it. But where to find this “free stuff”?

Scouring the Globe For Free Stuff

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You’d be surprised where you can find free things, and a good place to start is close to home. There are web sites dedicated to allowing people to post items, such as appliances, furniture, clothing, you name it, to give away for free.

You can also check with your local charities. Some charity shops near where I live have stuff outside the shop with a big sign that states, FREE. They had some luggage outside recently; planning a holiday and need a bag, if you can afford to go away, then you can get a free suitcase or bag. Many times they have dishes, books, and various items all for free.

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There are so many places and especially web sites to get free stuff, it is difficult to mention them all.

There also is Freecycling, which is where you can give or get items. Just a new way to recycle pre-loved items, and for someone to get them for free.

In researching free stuff, I was amazed at what all was out there to receive for free, or sometimes just to sign-up for a newsletter. Naturally they want your email address. I know people who have an email account just for this.

So try it, take a walk on the free side!

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